Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

CSCG Endorsements of high level track facilitators for the 2017 WSIS Forum

Feb 1, 2017

On 18 January we have receive the invitation from Gitanjali Sah to propose a shorlist of candidates to serve as High Level Track Facilitators from Civil Society for the High-level Policy Sessions for WSIS Forum 2017. After discussing in CSCG mail list about the deadlines and next steps to follow, co-chairs along with unanimity from the group, have decided that each CSCG member will circulate the WSIS call in their groups, asking those persons who were interested, to submit their self-nomination along with a short bio. From all the list, the chairs have received only 5 names, being 3 from Best Bits list and 2 from IGC list. It should be noted that a name was repetead in both groups, giving the final list a 4 names candidates, namely Mehwesh Ansari (BB), Renata Aquino Ribeiro (BB and IGC), Chinmayi Arun (BB) and Cisse Kane (IGC). Since that all the four candidates have strong civil society backgrounds and a balance proportion on regional situacon and gender, we consdider that the four of them should be endorsed. By the same time, candidates were ask by CSCG co-chairs to send their self-nomination directly to WSIS Secretariat. We have received 3 confirmation of such request, being Cisse the only candidate that did not reply. However, it should be noticed that we received an auto-reply from his email box, answering that he was on travel until the 31 January, so he might see the mail in the next few ours (Anal_a copy the message to the designated person by Cissefor urgent matters:chitra laxman, with no response by 31 January). In this sense, CSCG has decided to submit all the names to WSIS Secratariat. On 1st February on 2017, Analia Aspis (co-chair) has sent the endorsement to WSIS Secretariat, text, that I do copy bellow.

Dear Gitanjali Sah,

It is our pleasure as co-chairs of the Civil Society Coordination group to submit our shorlist for candadites to serve as High Level Track Facilitators from Civil Society for the High-level Policy Sessions for WSIS Forum 2017.

Our coordination group is already well organized in identifying representatives from Civil Society and in this sense, we have decided to submit four names the current open call, hoping that our intervention will encourage Civil Society to be balanced and represented. In this sense, the members of the CSCG has decided to endorse the following names, along with its correspondent backgrounds.

1) Mehwesh Ansari

Mehwish Ansari is the Digital Programme Assistant at ARTICLE 19, an international human rights organization protecting and promoting freedom of expression. There, she leads the organization's engagement with the ITU and assists engagement within ICANN and the IETF. Before joining ARTICLE 19, Mehwish worked at the Speech, Privacy & Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union. She holds a BA from Columbia University and an MSc from the University of Oxford, where she researched democratization, surveillance, and self-censorship on the Internet.

2) Renata Aquino Ribeiro

Ms. Renata Aquino Ribeiro is researcher and a teacher in E. I. Consulting. She participated in regional IGFs, Brazilian 2014 fellow, SSIG 2016 fellow and fellowship, LACRALO and NCUC participant in ICANN. PhD in Education: Curriculum - Technologies in Education at PUC-SP. Ms. Ribeiro holds Master of Arts in Hypermedia from UoW UK and journalist. In the IGC list she wrote:I am confirming my interest in being HLTF at WSIS Forum and my intention of attending the event without any funding awarded from IGC. I am qualified for this role as I'm a researcher in internet governance, part of NCUC Executive Committee and nominated by CSCG and IGF to represent Civil Society on the MAG. (Suggested by Patricia Vargas-Le_n. Patricia is a researcher in internet governance in Washington DC and with a carreer in the field too in her home country, Peru)

3) Chinmayi Arun

Chinmayi Arun is Research Director of the Centre for Communication Governance, and an Assistant Professor of Law at National Law University, Delhi (NLU Delhi). She teaches specialised courses on Internet Governance, privacy and media policy, and works with media regulation and Internet governance, particularly in the context of the rights to free speech and privacy. Chinmayi is a member of the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group formed by the Government of India for the India Internet Governance Forum, and has worked as a consultant with the Law Commission of India. She is one of the international experts associated with Columbia University's Global Freedom of Expression project, and is a part of the Internet and Jurisdiction Project's academic observatory. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Digital Asia Hub.

4) Cisse Kane

I would be glad to help as one of CIVIL SOCIETY HIGHLEVELTRACK FACILITATORS for WSIS FORUM 2017 . I was already among CS representatives as HIGHLEVELTRACK FACILITATORS for WSIS FORUM in 2016. I am based in Geneva and represent Africa Civil Society. I have a strong experience in drafting and synthesising panels as a researcher (PhD in 1999), programs manager, etc., during various conferences and also projets and reports (inception and delivery). I have been involved in the WSIS process since the begninning as founding member of various civil society organisations. Actually I am the chairperson of ACSIS, Africa largest Civil Society ICT4D Network. I work easily in english and french.