Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

Call for online participants: CSCG Working Group

May 11, 2016

Since some time, the Internet Governance Civil Society Co-ordination Group (CSCG) has been working to ensure a co-ordinated civil society response and conduit when it comes to making civil society appointments to outside bodies.

Now a Working Group is being set up to look at CSCG and figure out whether there are changes that should be made to improve its capabilities.

A Draft Terms of Reference is below – this will be considered by the Working Group.

Membership is open to people involved with civil society organisations. You can join at

Please note that, as it is intended that the group commence collaborative deliberations as soon as possible and complete its work by end August, you must join by Monday, May 23.

If you are able to devote some time to this task in coming months, and can offer some expertise and inputs to assist us, we would like you to work with us on this important task.

DRAFT TERMS OF REFERENCE (to be reviewed when working group is established)

1. To examine the current structure, membership and mission of CSCG, and whether this structure is the best way to ensure that civil society representation is representative (including geographically, politically, and in respect of gender balance).

2. To consider in this examination whether a structure capable of receiving and administering funds to assist with civil society representatives attendance and travel should also be established.

3. To consider workload and whether it is in civil society’s best interest to rotate nomcom membership rather than continuance of one representative group making all decisions.

4. To examine current selection procedures to see whether improvements should be made.

5. To report back to civil society networks with any resulting recommendations by August 31 2016.