Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

High Level Track Facilitators for the WSIS Forum

Apr 9, 2016
From: Ian Peter
To: Sah, Gitanjali

Dear Gitanjali,

I am pleased to be able to inform you of the four civil society choices for High Level Track Facilitators for the WSIS Forum (May 2-6, Geneva) – and to be able to do so ahead of schedule!

The Civil Society Co-ordination Group (CSCG) put out a call via member networks and coalitions (Association for Progressive Communications, Best Bits Coalition, Internet Governance Caucus, Just Net Coalition, Non Commercial Stakeholders Group of ICANN). Although the call would have reached many thousands of individuals and organisations, it elicited only 7 candidate responses. Perhaps contributing factors here were the lack of travel support – but also perhaps the nature of the sessions and the type of facilitation required which are outside of the normal experience of many civil society organisations.

Nevertheless, we did receive very high quality applications, and we are pleased to advise that our four choices are
Puneeth Nagaraj (India)
Cisse Kane (Senegal)
Klaus Stoll (Ecuador)
Amali de Silva-Mitchell (Canada)

Under separate emails I will forward to you the biographical and contact details for each of the selected facilitators, so you can follow up directly. I will also contact them and inform them that I am forwarding their details to you.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact both myself and Ginger Paque for further clarification. Please ensure that you copy Ginger as well, as my email connectivity will be limited between now and May 2 due to travel commitments.


Ian Peter
Co-Chair, Civil Society Co-ordination Group (CSCG)