Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

Civil Society MAG Appointments - Call for nominations

Sep 18, 2014

Following our notice and call for comments posted here on Sept 12 (below for your reference), here is the formal call for nominations for civil society representatives for the IGF Multistakeholder Advisory group (MAG).

This nomination process in 2014 will be run across several civil society coalitions, including Best Bits, IGC, APC, Diplo, NCSG, and Just Net Coalition, who together comprise the Civil Society Coordination Group. You are welcome to nominate through any of the above individual coalitions. Nominations close on Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Please include in your nomination the nominee’s name, country of residence, country of nationality, and gender. Please also specifically address each of the selection criteria below, giving us examples and evidence of how the nominee meets each of the individual selection criteria.


* Past record of active engagement as part of civil society groups working on internet governance issues, acting or speaking out assertively on behalf of public interest concerns.

* Willingness and commitment to consult with and report back to CS networks (including beyond those focused on internet governance where appropriate) on MAG discussions.

* Previous attendee at IGF at a global or regional level.

* Willing, available and able to participate effectively and constructively in the MAG deliberations.

Existing MAG members seeking CSCG endorsement should also follow this process.

Nominations must close on Tuesday, September 30. The list of candidates endorsed by CSCG will be published no later than October 16.

More about the IGF and the MAG can be obtained from