Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

/1net Steering Committee - Call for Expressions of Interest

(At this stage, there was not yet a formal coordinated announcement. The below is a copy of a posting sent to the BestBits list by Jeremy Malcolm who was at the time the representative BestBits on what was at the time called the “joint committee of representatives from civil society networks”.)

Dec 4, 2013
From: Jeremy Malcolm
To: BestBits

Dear all,

I'm sure you're aware by now of the 1net dialogue, which the technical community organisations initiated around the time of the Bali IGF meeting, and invited the private sector and civil society to join. The vision for the 1net dialogue is rather poorly defined, so it remains unclear how important or influential 1net may become. I'm not going to attempt to summarise the competing visions for 1net here. I can only suggest that if you haven't already, you read the email archives of its mailing list to learn more:

There has been a somewhat loose invitation from the 1net coordinators for the other stakeholder groups to each nominate five members for the 1net steering committee, but a deadline for that has only just been set, and (unless extended) it is very soon - next Monday 9 December. So to do this, we are falling back to the same joint committee of representatives from civil society networks that recently nominated civil society members to join the High Level Panel convened by ICANN to provide input into the Brazil meeting.

Each of those networks is now urgently reaching out to their constituents, as I'm doing so now, to ask for expressions of interest in serving on the 1net steering committee. On the part of the Best Bits participants, in Bali we already nominated the same four Brazilian representatives (Carolina, Joana, Carlos and Laura) to be on that committee. As far as I know, they are willing to continue, but have expressed the wish that someone else also join, who has a closer association with the ICANN community. That being the case, we need to put forward one name.

If you would like to be put yourself forward to join the 1net steering committee, or would like to nominate someone else, then this thread is for that purpose. The thread can also be used to discuss the criteria that you think should be used by the joint committee in considering the nominees to put forward. If you disagree that the four Brazilian representatives should be amongst the five civil society representatives on the 1net steering committee, then you can put forward that view too.

In closing, I do need to acknowledge that the joint committee is still an imperfect vehicle for nominating civil society representatives to the 1net steering committee, because it doesn't yet have an elaborate procedure in place for making the selection - and I know how sensitive some of us are about that sort of thing. All I can say about that is that in parallel to this call for expressions of interest, the committee is also considering how procedures it could put in place that would satisfy their constituents' expectations for a transparent and accountable process. Meanwhile, that remains a work in progress.

I will forward the views put forward in this thread to the other members of the joint committee (who are currently from APC, Diplo, the IGC and the NCSG - Michael Gurstein's interest in joining has also been noted and is under discussion). We will then discuss the nominations within the committee, and attempt to come back to you all with a suggestion that will hopefully be generally acceptable. If you have any process-related queries, it is probably appropriate that you direct those to Ian Peter who is the independent chair of the joint committee for now.