Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

Civil Society Representation on High Level Panel in London

Nov 29, 2013

Dear Fadi and Nora:

I am writing to you following from discussions held by a coalition of representatives of the civil society networks most involved in Internet governance deliberations, we appreciate your willingness to engage civil society in discussions regarding the future of Internet governance. We also appreciate your recognition that civil society is under-represented on your High Level Panel and your willingness to accept additional civil society participants to this panel to provide more balance.

After consultations with our networks, we propose adding the following 2 civil society representatives to begin to balance against the much larger numbers from government, the private sector, and technical representatives placed on the initial panel. Civil society’s two nominated representatives for the London High Level Panel are:

1. Anriette Esterhuysen
2. Milton Mueller

Would you please kindly confirm your acceptance of these names, and contact our representatives directly to arrange their participation?

We also strongly recommend the involvement of Jovan Kurbalija of the Diplo Foundation as a highly experienced and knowledgeable facilitator.

We trust that in future we will be able to look at much more equitable representation of civil society in such panels and committees. Persons involved with these deliberations and choice of names from various civil society networks were:

Virginia Paque, Diplo Foundation
Anriette Esterhuysen, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Robin Gross, ICANN's Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG)
Norbert Bollow and Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro, Internet Governance Caucus (IGC)
Jeremy Malcolm, Best Bits

Ian Peter, Independent Facilitator