Internet Governance Civil Society Coordination Group (CSCG)

Request for input on civil society representatives for the “Panel on the Future of Global Internet Cooperation”

(At this stage, there was not yet a formal coordinated announcement. The below is a copy of a posting sent to the IGC list by Norbert Bollow who was at the time co-coordinator of IGC.)

Nov 25, 2013
From: Norbert Bollow

Dear all,

there is now an informal coordination group of some kind (tentatively called "steering committee", although I expect that that name will probably be changed) consisting of Anriette Esterhuysen for APC, Jeremy Malcolm for BestBits, Robin Gross for NCSG, Virginia Paque for DIPLO, myself for IGC, and Ian Peter as facilitator.

The most urgent issue is to demand better civil society representation on the Panel on the Future of Global Internet Cooperation" organized by ICANN [1].

The current idea is that we would jointly nominate two additional civil society people for this panel.

The following names have been suggested so far:

Anriette Esterhuysen, Eben Moglen, Milton Mueller, Sean O'Siochru, Valeria Betancourt, Vladimir Radunovik, William Drake.

In view of the tight deadline, please provide any input that you wish to be considered ASAP, at the latest by 23.00 UTC tomorrow Tuesday which is about 24 hours from now.)

Greetings, Norbert